Our services are known for their knowledge and experience the quality and accuracy of the company . Develop solutions , and transform efectamos glazing assemblies .

- Technical Assistance :
Service replacement and maintenance parts , springs flooring , and all materials related to an installation of tempered glass

- Placing / Mounting Technique Glaze :
We provide Human Resources with extensive experience and technical equipment of the most modern in the installation of glass and mirrors , involving projects from the simplest to the most complex

- Transformation of flat glass

Cutting , drilling , bevelling , Foscagem the Sand Blasting , Collage Glazing System with UV and other work required .



The Vidraria Bracarense currently produces a wide range of glass products , include double glazing , among others as the most diversified manufacturing glass .

Also noted the specialized staff to work in glass application , duly authorized for any type of application , following the development in this field , and allows us to be responsible for any construction project.

- Manufacturer of Pios

- Manufacturer of tops

Tipos de Vidro

Glass Types

Tempered Glass
It is a glass subjected to a heat treatment, which considerably increases their resistance , thereby decreasing breakage by mechanical shock , flexural and impact térmico.Em event of breakage this glass breaks into small pieces thus avoiding serious injury to persons or property .

Double Glass
It is a double glazed insulating formed by two or more glass separated by separator profiles into which is introduced a substance that can absorb moisture from the air contained in the chamber .

Plate Glass
It is formed by two or more glass joined by one or more butirais Polyvinyl colorless or color. Thus we obtain the following names:

- Personal Safety Glass (breakage without disintegration of the glass)
- Glass Anti - Bullet (subject to previous study to gauge bullet desired by the customer)
- Glass Anti - Vandalism (subject to review prior to the desired level of attack)

Curved Glass
The curved glass meets the needs of architects and interior designers , who wish to equip their creations of elegance , beauty and innovation. This type of glass is used for various purposes, such as displays of products, tanks , panels, partitions and furniture solutions and lighting.
The curvature of the glass is obtained by heating flat glass until it reaches the necessary elasticity to take the desired shape by using suitable molds.

A float glass obtained , after which silver and copper sputtering is isolated by a thermosetting paint for protection .